I’m Office Wonk

Some time ago I decided to combine my love of the amazing WONK UNIT and my techie web skills; spending some time creating the official website for Alex ‘Daddy’ Wonk.

Four albums in they really are defining their own sound, it’s slightly surreal, melodic, with fun/silly/thoughtful lyrics – more poems really put to some catchy tunes.

Apart from the odd track, not ‘shouty’ aggressive punk at all – it’s grown up while still very real world.  Or sometimes not of this world at all 

Anyway, I love em, and they’ve let me become their Wonky Webmaster – creating a full-on music and image-rich website, utilising custom WordPress themes and plugins.

Please visit the Wonk Unit Official Website.

Techie stuff

The Magazine Shop I made

I’ve been lucky enough to combine my WordPress experience with my day job, creating a busy eCommerce website to sell the UK’s top magazines.  

The concept is to sell single copies of magazines at their coverprice (same as shop price), but posted 1st class to the customer’s door without charging for postage.   No having to buy a long subscription, just get the issue you want, when you want it (we’ll hold back issue stock as well as the current issue, and you can also pre-order magazines!).

It’s built on a WordPress backbone, with a lot of strengthened security and a custom theme.

So if you like a good read, check out, cheers!

Mags Direct - magazine shop
Beer and Pubs


So I deleted a ton of content when I wiped my old website. Doh!

I spend a bit of social time in pubs – so I thought I could start with them.

Peterborough drinking

I live in Peterborough near the edge of the fens. It has pubs.

Ostrich Inn

This used to be the infamous ‘Bogarts’ pub. A second home of punks and strays. Scary Clown Matty even used to be the landlord!

Done up and now back with its original old name, the Ostrich is what I’d call a proper boozer, full of characters, in the heart of boro town centre.

Recently it’s ownership has moved around, but luckily music is still important here. It’s actually been improved as a music venue – a ‘stage’ area with permanent lighting, PA, and stuff to plug your gear into. It’s still a terrible shape for a music venue – a horseshoe bar, so it’s not ideal, but it’s pretty much all we’ve got these days as a permanent music pub.

We use the Ostrich Inn for last-minute or more intimate gigs – we’ve had some amazing bands play here – including quite a few touring American big names! Always free entry gigs, with a reduced budget.

Beer wise – a small range of real ale and craft on tap, along with a good range of gin. This place is all about the buzz.. a mixing pot of arty types, old punks, and hardcore drinkers. Often has pop-up vegan food people putting on grub.

The Stoneworks

Peterborough’s first and only craft beer bar. It’s actually probably in the top 10 craft bars in the country, both for the range (26? taps), and quality of the beers. Custom-built cold-room sits directly behind the bar, with very short tube runs to the taps. Their beer is delivered by Jolly Good Beer who bring the beer in chilled vans – and store it all in cold rooms, so it’s all at the very best and freshest quality. Not many bars can claim to be fully chilled from brewery to glass.

The bar is owned by Sean (who is dedicated to amazing service and a special experience), and ‘Texas’ Steve – who is a craft brewer in his own right (Bexar County). Steve’s contacts in the brewing scene mean the bar gets some amazing tap-takeovers – and a lot of special beer launch nights.