Nikki Stitches

I’ve created a brand new website for my wife,, so we can share her amazing cross-stitch patterns with fans of the hobby. The patterns are all created by herself, from digital artworks we have created together (mainly through AI tools such as Stable Diffusion).

Nikki Stitches cross stitch website

It’s a WordPress website, running WooCommerce to handle the product pages and download control of the PDF patterns, but with everything set to zero price. There is an ability to donate to help towards hosting, but that’s what the site is about.

We’re pretty proud of the designs up so far (20 at point of writing one week in), and expect to share a lot of free x-stitch patterns over the years, as it’s a big hobby around the world. Nikki is a well-known Flosstuber (a video maker about the hobby), with about 4,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel.

So if you know anyone who likes cross-stitch and fancies a challenge of a full-coverage pattern, tell them to head over to!

By Krispy Brown

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