Gigs are Coming Back!

So while Coronavirus is far from beaten here in the UK, a huge proportion of adults are now vaccinated, and gigs are happening!

The online streamed ones were OK for a short time when lockdown started, but it felt so thin to me it wasn’t really a replacement, so I avoided them on the whole.

It’s August and my friends and fellow ‘Scary Clowns’ and myself have our first promoted gig, and we’re kicking off in the way we went out – with legendary mod-punk band SNUFF on Saturday, 21st August 2021. We’ve not limited ourselves to a big headliner and a few “cheap” local bands… nope we’ve pulled in some more heavy hitters; Incisions and Brassick – two bands who have recently released some amazing albums. Opening on the night will be a very good friend’s new band, Steve Pod brings along Transit Plan for their first gig at Mama Lizs.

The gig is sold out – it sold out in 7 hours! But there’s naturally been some returns, and then we’ve sold them on in double-quick time.

We’ve got more gigs coming and some already advertised – check our ticket shop for more details.

Snuff in Stamford Gig

By Krispy Brown

Developer (Java / PHP / MS Business Central AL).
Beer brewer and drinker.
DIY Punk promoter.