DIY Punk & Programming!

The new home of Kristian ‘Krispy’ Brown, part of The Scary Clown Presents… Wonk Unit’s web guy, and beer drinker and brewer.

Krispy Brown, init.

Jan 2020

Alex Wonk and Wonk Unit at one of our gigs in 2019

The Scary Clown Presents…

Jan 2020

I’m part of the Scary Clown Presents… DIY Punk collective. We put on some shows locally, and party a lot.

I also run the Wonk Unit website – yep I’m the “office wonk”

”Our gigs are all about the party. Bringing bands we want to hear local, so our mates and us can enjoy em without travelling!”

The Scary Clown Presents… DIY Punk collective is just a group of mates messing around really. We’ve managed to make enough contacts and a name for ourselves that bands want to come and play our shows.

We certainly don’t do it to make money – we have a fighting fund which goes down as well as down 🙂 We did manage to make money on the special double album – and every penny of that has gone back in to help pay for bands at our shows.

We are dead lucky to have a very friendly local scene – a lot of friends, a lot of time and effort has gone into growing that scene – people trust us to bring good bands and put on a great show.