I’m Office Wonk

Some time ago I decided to combine my love of the amazing WONK UNIT and my techie web skills; spending some time creating the official website for Alex ‘Daddy’ Wonk.

Four albums in they really are defining their own sound, it’s slightly surreal, melodic, with fun/silly/thoughtful lyrics – more poems really put to some catchy tunes.

Apart from the odd track, not ‘shouty’ aggressive punk at all – it’s grown up while still very real world.  Or sometimes not of this world at all 

Anyway, I love em, and they’ve let me become their Wonky Webmaster – creating a full-on music and image-rich website, utilising custom WordPress themes and plugins.

Please visit the Wonk Unit Official Website.

By Krispy Brown

Developer (Java / PHP / MS Business Central AL).
Beer brewer and drinker.
DIY Punk promoter.