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Helping Resist! Vegan Kitchen

A very good mate of mine (and original Scary Clown) Gareth runs his own vegan street food business here in Peterborough; Resist! Vegan Kitchen.

It all started at our gigs in Stamford, we decided it made sense to do some food during our all-day summer gigs. As many of the punks who come to the gigs are vegi or vegan, as as well as the fact Gareth has been an ethical vegan for years, it made sense to do food everyone could eat.

Thus Gareth started to create the street food dishes that would be the trademark of Resist! – including the ‘legendary donor kebab’.

To help out I offered to knock up a website for Resist! and instead of using my normal WordPress solution, I thought I’d try using Wix – as they offer some specialist tools for restaurants which help take bookings and creating menus. There’s also a mobile app that comes with it which really helped when Gareth was running a physical restaurant.

Resist! become the local no. 1 restaurant of any type on TripAdvisor, which is an amazing achievement! They are also no up for an award in the V2 Vegetarian and Vegan awards.

Check out the website and the current delivery menu here.

By Krispy Brown

Developer (Java / PHP / MS Business Central AL).
Beer brewer and drinker.
DIY Punk promoter.