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I Created the Official Aerial Salad Website!

I’ve been a fan of Manchester-based punks Aerial Salad since Alex Wonk suggested we put them on at one of our Scary Clown Presents gigs.

It was one of their very first gigs – and they were still raw and young – now they are still young (compared to me!), but they have learned their stage-craft now, and their first album Roach was a big hitter when it came out.

So when they announced a new album, “Dirt Mall” (coming 10th April 2020), I suggested that I could knock up a website for em to sell it, and also the rest of their merchandise. The site I came up with is pretty small and neat – with areas for them to announce gigs, sell merch, show their videos and photos, and tell the world any band news.

Please do take a nose – hopefully they have learnt how to update it (it’s a WordPress with Woocommerce site) and it’s growing 🙂

The 3-piece Manchester DIY Punk band; Aerial Salad
The 3-piece Manchester DIY Punk band; Aerial Salad

By Krispy Brown

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