A Short Film We Made

Back in the dawn of time – or 2015, me and a couple of mates made a short film for a BFI short film challenge. We had 48 hours to write, film, and edit a film, based on a title, a prop, and a line of dialogue they gave us.

We came up with a weird concept – the earth had been invaded by unseen aliens of much higher tech – they’d even bought their home planet along for the ride. The film was seen from ‘my’ eyes. We overdubbed my voice as the day we filmed was too windy – but it actually makes sense if you realise it’s all from my point of view. The aliens have already captured us – and they feed on memories. You are watching them replay the day. At the very end you see them switch me for my mate Griff, and it all starts again from his point of view.

It made sense at the time – and we didn’t have much time to mess around! My film / video production mate David edited and added as many special effects as we could make time for.

It didn’t win, but I think it doesn’t look terrible, and it was a laugh to film. It probably makes no sense to anyone other than those who wrote it though!

By Krispy Brown

Developer (Java / PHP / MS Business Central AL).
Beer brewer and drinker.
DIY Punk promoter.