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I’ve never really spent any time playing web browser games – as they are usually 5 minute arcade jobs written in flash.  But there’s one I’ve found (OK a friend pointed me towards it) which is far deeper and addictive than I’d ever expect from a web browser game.  The game in question is called Travian, and while appears to be  German written game, has servers for players all round the world.  The UK servers can be found at – but there’s also ones for the USA, and most of europe (if not the world!).

Travian screenshot

Travian screenshot

It’s a form of resources management, strategic planning, army sending, complex game of risk where literally thousands of people play on the same map.  The server I’m on UK1 has had about 30,000 people register since the ’round’ started – and has probably a regular 15,000 playing.

I would suggest Travian is only for those who want to invest a lot of time (although it’s small bits of time over a long period really) – you’ll need to be able to check your game several times a day (and if you are an early riser, or late to bed person, that probably helps!).  On a normal server, I believe a full game lasts for about 300 days!

While you can play solo, defending your empire of villages, the only way to win is to join up with (or form your own) alliances.  Alliances add the teamwork and social dimension to the game – and are just like Guilds/Clans/Kinships in more conventional MMO style games.  I’m in the alliance Noein on the S1 server – and they seem a jolly good group of people 🙂   When you’re in a Travian alliance, you have people who can help defend your villages from the other 15,000 players.. and you can return the favour.

It’s definately a fun and deep game – amazingly so for a web game!  It’s free to play – but you can purchase ‘gold’ to help you get a small advantage over non gold buying players.  It’s not like in MMO’s where buying gold from chinese gold farmers is frowned upon as cheating – in Travian you can only buy the ‘gold’ from the game hosts (it’s how they pay for the servers – and with multiple servers all with 10’s of thousands of players hitting their PHP and MySQL database through the day, they NEED some income!).  It’s not cheating – it’s just a gaming choice.  Gold is used to hurry production, and to boost attack/defense stats.  Oh and to get some free gold (and to help me), join up using my reference link;

Anyway – plug over – have a look if you like the idea of a game which needs 10-20 minutes of play a day, but over 300 days!

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  1. at first, i did not know how to play Travian. but now i am very addicted to this online game. i did not know that this game is very exciting. i cant wait to build the Wonder of the world.

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