Spinal Tap – gig tomorrow


I’m getting excited! It’s not only a holiday this week, but also I’m off to see Spinal Tap at Wembley arena tomorrow 🙂

Spinal Tap 25th Anniversary Blue ray!

Spinal Tap 25th Anniversary Blue ray!

If you don’t know who I’m talking about – you need to see the film “This is Spinal Tap” – one of the greatest comedy films ever made (In my opinion). The film was made using a method of improvisation – and is the story of ‘British’ heavy metal band ‘Spinal Tap’. The band is actually made up of American comedy actors (one of whom is the voices of many of the characters in the Simpsons!), and the story of the film is long and interesting (there’s a book all about it). They actually played as a band for some time before making the film, to get the ‘feel’ of being a loud metal band. Unlike some parody ‘bands’, Spinal Tap can really play!

The film is a ‘mockumentory’ – following the band tour America, at what feels to be the end of their careers (although ironically, I’m going to a sold out gig here in the UK tomorrow, over 25 years later!). Just watch it and prepare to laugh and cringe.. but also, ROCK!

Anyway – I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, and I’m not 100% sure what to expect – how much will it be a ‘normal’ music gig.. and how much a comedy show? The actors are even supporting themselves – as the ‘Folksmen’ – another (folk) band they created for film.

“Tonight I’m going to rock you… TONIGHT!

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  1. Well the gig was pretty amazing!

    You’d hardly believe you were going to see a group of actors – as the sound produced by both of their incarnations was as good as any professional band.

    As the Folksmen they made us laugh… and Spinal Tap they made our ears bleed 🙂

    The Spinal Tap set was long and included many of their songs, and included three encores!

    The inflatable ‘Stonehenge’ failed to inflate quickly – which actually felt more true to the spirit of Spinal Tap anyway 🙂 There was a huge roar when the ‘little people’ came on-stage to dance a jig.

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