Phil Taylor Wins Matchplay, but Krispy Celebrates


Well I think it’s obvious what the best bit of the recent PDC World Matchplay darts was.  No no, not the huge averages hit by Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, not my mate Justin Pipe making the 1/4 finals for the 2nd year in a row.

No the best bit.. well lets just say a photo says more than words can.  Especially one with words in it.  Thanks to Daniella and Sammi for sorting this out – I think it says it all, haha!

I’ve actually met Sammi Marsh a couple of times, she’s a lovely lass, and also James Wade’s girlfriend, so she’s really part of the darts now.

Walkon girls with Krispy sign

Walkon girls Daniella and Sammi with Krispy sign

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