Pboro Beer festival nearly here


Mrs Krispy may not share my enthusiasm, but it’s 1 month until what I call ‘My Xmas’.   The yearly local celebration of ale, the ‘Peterborough Beer festival‘ is next month, and it’s my favourite time of year.

One of the two beer tents - mmm beer!

One of the two beer tents - mmm beer!

As normal, I’ve taken the four week days off so I can enjoy it properly – and while my home town might not exactly be a civilised metropolis (to be honest, Pboro’s best attributes is that it’s got fairly good air quality being surrounded by countryside, and it’s on a main train route, so you can get elsewhere!), the Pboro beer festival is up there in the top three beer festivals in europe (well that’s what I think anyway).

The festival is on from 25th – 29th August, and is held outside in 3 massive marquee’s, by the river embankment in the city centre.  Each evening features live bands in the HUGE music tent, and for the kids entertainment is a bit of a funfair.  It’s a very family friendly festival, as long as it’s not raining (as children should keep away from the tented bar areas).  Oh and there’s some 350 beers to choose from, and another huge list of ciders and perries.  There’s also a range of English wines – both grape and fruit.

The festival site - BIG, and full of ale

The festival site - BIG, and full of ale

The official CAMRA website for the festival can be found here.  If you do decide to go – wear sensible shoes – especially if the weather isn’t good – as the ground outside the marquees can get a bit muddy. 🙂  I’ll be there Tuesday evening.. Weds evening.. Thurs all day for a ‘Leo Sayer’ (all dayer) – 12-11pm.  And possibly/probably Friday night.. If I can still walk. 🙂

UPDATE: if you want to see how a festival is put together – pictures are going up as we get very CLOSE 🙂

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  1. You have my envy. One of the things that I really miss about dear Old England is CAMRA and the beer festivals – and my wife’s dishwasher has obliterated the paint from all my old beer festival glasses. Even getting Old Peculier in NZ is a mission. Mind you, there are some promising microbreweries…Monteith’s & Harrington’s for a start. Maybe I should set up CAMRANZ.


    Mark Simpson,

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  2. Hehe – a NZ branch of CAMRA, now there’s an idea. You should see my glass cupboard – bulging.. not sure what I’m going to do this year – the wife will kill me if I get both a pint and half again 🙂

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