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I’ve been using my spare time constructively, creating another WordPress website.  Again it’s an eCommerce site, using WooCommerce plugin and a custom 3rd party theme.

It’s for a DIY Punk Collective – they don’t like the term promoter, but they put on gigs in the Cambridgeshire area.   So they needed videos/gallery to show what their previous gigs have been like, along with an upcoming shows/events system, and then a way to sell tickets via their Paypal account.

If you’re into modern alternative / punk rock music, and live near Peterborough/Stamford, you may want to bookmark it;

scary clown website

The new Scary Clown Presents websites, by me, Krispy Brown

Author: Krispy

Webmaster of this and many websites over the years. I've been a Senior developer (Java JEE and Oracle DB, specialising in SEAM/JSF/Hibernate web development). Ex Lead Developer at New Scientist magazine, where I worked on creating a new WordPress based website, using almost 100% custom created widgets, plugins and theme. My own projects include websites created in WordPress and custom written with PHP and MySQL, and have my own dedicated Windows server to run them from. Currently proud of; My several darts websites; - Darts, Beers & Cheers, and - Darts Open Tournament database. I also run websites for over ten of the elite players on the PDC tour, and two for darts management companies. Married, one cat. Beer fanatic (wife probably says bore) - I'm becoming an expert in real ale, craft ales, and Belgium and German beers. If expert means enjoying them. I've also dabbling in doing a bit of extract home brew. CAMRA member, and now regular guest judge for the local Beer festival. I've even created the 'semi official' web app for the Peterborough Beer festival (2nd largest in the country). Play a little darts (badly for Stilton), and watch .. LOTS of darts. Also a fan of the local footy team - UP THE POSH!

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