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Me they day of my New Scientist interview

Kristian ‘Krispy’ Brown, your host. Developer, WordPress expert, experienced with Social Media (13,000 followers) and writer

[I have been offered a position so am now back in work, but I’ll leave this up for a the record]

Well after 9 months I decided to address the issues with my life/work balance, and leave New Scientist.  It was a really interesting and challenging job, and I wish them all the best – it’s such a great magazine, and the people there make it a really stimulating place to work.  BUT: I realised that the travel and stress which comes with working in London (from Peterborough) really was taking it’s toll on me, and my wife.

So a new chapter in my life looms…

I’m working on a couple of things – including a possible web app for CAMRA (they don’t actually know this yet, I’m working on an idea that someone linked to them gave me a loose specification for).

I’ve taken some time to recharge the batteries, and now am ready for a new challenge.  Since leaving New Scientist I have not only been taking a career break, but have also undertaken many different hobby projects which interest me, such as;

  • Volunteer working at a local pub beer festival serving the public
  • Twice volunteer working at a local craft brewery (Bexar County) helping to produce a new beer on commercial sale
  • Ramping up the writing for, and promotion of my new beer blog (http://beerwriter.co.uk/)
  • Running a social media campaign to save a local historically important pub (Hand & Heart, Peterborough), over 600 Facebook shares and local MP joining in.
  • Creating eCommerce websites for a London band (wonkunit.com ), and a local gig promoter (www.thescaryclownpresents.co.uk )
  • Some freelance contract work with a local company producing presentations for a large awards night
  • Working freelance in the press room at a large televised sporting event (PDC Darts World Matchplay)

I’ve got a lot of ‘general’ web skills now after 20 years online, and my WordPress hosting/use/development knowledge is very high now.  Also my twitter and Facebook pages show I know how to market myself, and generate social media excitement – I’ve got PR companies, sports people, TV presenters, breweries and pubs following me due to my posting promoting darts / beer / CAMRA.

I also have 19 years or so experience working in busy IT departments within the publishing industry – Jboss Seam/ Java / Hibernate / Spring, PHP, plus Oracle and MySQL skills.

Hopefully there’s a company out there who can see how useful it would be to have a WordPress (including eCommerce) expert who also knows how to market a brand with Facebook and Twitter, or maybe I’ll try and find a local brewery who can use those skills, PLUS the fact I’m a keen brewer who would love to start as a junior and work my way up 🙂

Maybe I’ll try and find more than one small/middle size company – exciting places to work for who can’t (yet) resource a role full time, but are happy to time-share me with one/two others.

UPDATE;  Stand down, I’ve just gone through several interviews and had an job offer – so I resume my IT career as a senior analyst programmer – back in Frontline Ltd at the heart of a small but essential dev team.  So back to my java / SEAM / JSF / Hibernate / Oracle development work after a 19 month or so break.  I’ll continue dabbling in WordPress and PHP of course, as I still have my free time, more so now I’ll be working within walking distance of my home.

Author: Krispy

Webmaster of this and many websites over the years. I've been a Senior developer (Java JEE and Oracle DB, specialising in SEAM/JSF/Hibernate web development). Ex Lead Developer at New Scientist magazine, where I worked on creating a new WordPress based website, using almost 100% custom created widgets, plugins and theme. My own projects include websites created in WordPress and custom written with PHP and MySQL, and have my own dedicated linux server to run them from. Currently proud of; Mags Direct - a site I created for my work at the Frontline Group. An online magazine shop, which I created with almost zero budget within a week (since had a full theme upgrade). Found at https://magsdirect.co.uk/ Married, one cat. Beer fanatic (wife probably says bore) - real ales and craft beers. I have spent for too much on home brew gear, I create full mash craft beers. I spend a lot of time either going to gigs or organising them - I'm part of a small bunch of friends putting on DIY Punk shows called "The Scary Clown Presents..." our website can be found here; https://thescaryclownpresents.co.uk/ Also a fan of the local footy team - UP THE POSH!

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