Gig; The incredibly Strange Film Band

The Swift in Putney

The Swift in Putney, recommended if you like a bit of craft beer and somewhere different!

I headed off to London yesterday for a day and evening with my good mate David – as he’d suggested he go and watch a band he’s previously been impressed with, “The Incredibly Strange Film Band“.

They play a range of ‘covers’ – but not your normal stuff, oh no, this would be an evening of film and TV themes.  You often forget how good (and funky) 70’s film scores where, and they do make for a great big sound coming from a 10 piece band, with a four piece brass section.  A proper percussionist joining the drummer also helps get that authentic sound, especially during the bongo solos!

The venue was The Half Moon pub in Putney, a very nice (inside and out) pub, which had a few decent bottled beers and quite a few draught ales, so I was a happy chap.   We took a visit first to ‘The Swift’, a very interesting looking craft beer pub.  A decent selection of bottled beer from USA/UK/Belgium, and a few good-uns on tap, including Kernel pale, which is always a winner.  We also had a bite to eat there, a really good HUGE chicken and bacon jam bloomer sarnie with hand cut THICK chips.  Very nice it was too.  The pub looks inside like.. well a village community cafe?  Hard to say really, probably goes down as ’boutique’.  It was a nice place to chill whatever, and the beer kept me happy.  They also do a mean line in gin cocktails.

The Half Moon venue again isn’t your ordinary pub inside, very clean, light, a bit quirky, with walls covered in music and band photos.   The music room was quite impressive, just double doors away from the main pub.  It was a very intimate venue, with tables out and candlelight, with a small but very tidy stage (enough to fit the 10 band members on with a little movement room).  Sound quality was very good though, and it was even air conditioned!!  Not been to a gig so good for temperature, usually they are sweaty smelly hells 🙂

The band played some cracking tracks – a brass section really does help bring the compositions to life.  Treats included the theme to Enter the Dragon, Sesame street, Dirty Harry, Captain Scarlett, Starsky and Hutch, and loads more.

I’m told that the band now only probably play once a year, as the lead vocalist / gitarist now lives up in Scotland, so they really just play for the fun of getting together and making sweet (film theme) music together.  They’ve been around since 1993 ish, and are all obviously very talented musicians, so it’s a great experience to watch a band who are playing mainly to have fun themselves.

Sesame street by incredibly weird film band


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