Bloody “Windows Security Services” Indian Call Centre Con!


I’m a gentle person, and quite proud of being European and non racist.

BUT: I am getting angry about the number of calls I’m getting over the last year or more from Indian call centres trying to con me into putting some very dodgy anti-virus software on my PC.

computer imageI actually enjoy giving them abuse and confusing them when they call, but I’m angry because I can guess that they get many ‘bites’, as less computer literate and more easily confused people fall for their lies.

So I thought I’d put something up here, hoping that if you are searching for anything to do with this, you find this post and realise it’s JUST A BIG CON!

The calls start as follows;

Call Centre:  “Hello Mr X, I am from Windows Security, and our records show your computer has been sending us virus alerts from your IP address.  Were you aware of this“.

Now think about this – who actually are these people?   I often reply instantly with;

ME:  “Are you telling me you work for Microsoft?

They often try and bluster at this point, repeating “Windows Security” – as they know they shouldn’t really lie and say they do work for Microsoft.

A great answer I’ve recently started giving them in return;

ME:  “Oh you’ve received warnings from my IP address?  So what is that IP address please?

My tormentor tried to read me back my name and phone number, as I’m not sure they even know what an IP address is, but I know full well they won’t know what it is!  When I pushed for an actual IP address, they went very quiet.

These people just have a list of names/addresses/phone numbers – they are guessing you have a computer, as most people do.   I once confused them with the following;

Call centre; “So if you could turn the PC on we can fix the problem…

ME:  “Which one?  I’ve got four.

Call centre;  “Any one will do..

ME:  “Eh?  So one of my computers has a virus, but I can randomly turn any one on to fix this?

I’ve read that this is all part of a hugely dodgy and scary con – they will take you to a website to download some “anti-virus” software, but the software you download and install is some very nasty remote control and key logging software, which will steal your passwords, credit card details, and even allow some dodgy Russian types to use your computer in denial of service attacks and the like.

Just remember – how on earth does some 3rd party know what your phone number is and what your computer is doing?  The don’t!  Microsoft wouldn’t phone you – as if they’d have time to get in touch (or care!).

Author: Krispy

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  1. Going along with it is fun when you have a mac. I just play dumb and say that I can’t find the various icons or menu options they’re pointing me to. Sometimes I then get put on to a supervisor. When they eventually do work out I’m not using Windows (or think I am too computer illeterate to follow their instructions) they appologise that they don’t support my system. Sometimes before they hang up I manage to get in the question of when I can get a refund for my support package since they can’t help me with my virus problem – at that point they do hang up.
    Another tactic if I am booted on Windows is to follow all the instructions until they ask me to go online and see how long they take to work out that I’m not connected to the Internet. I then ask them to send someone to come and repair my connection, giving them the address of a prison.

    As far as I’m concerned, I’m doing a bit of community service by keeping at least one of them away from some unfortunate non-technical person.

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